Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Bloggers meet up with Moi Sanom

Time to give my make-up obsession a break and focus on some more personal themes. Summer holiday is now in full blast and the weather's been more than amazing for the past month and a half and I feel a kind of laziness about writing, but a lot of good things have been going on and I need to make a note in my personal blog-diary. Lest I forget.

So, to the point. Last Wednesday I had the pleasure to participate in my first ever bloggers' meeting with a lovely fellow blogger, and now I can say, a friend of mine Moi Sanom. When I started blogging I never took meeting anyone into consideration, but when I learned she was coming over to my own home town I couldn't give such an opportunity a miss. Since during her trip she was accompanied mostly by men, the natural thing for me to do was to take her shopping.
We met in the biggest shopping mall in Gdansk, Galeria Baltycka, where we initiated our meeting with a glass of Wedel chocolate, mine served with strawberry sorbet and a swap of Korean cosmetics which we got in abundance or wanted to share.  Here's what I got:

Then the shopping spree started. Moi was mostly interested in products she can't get in Berlin, which meant she took a small diversion from Korean skincare and focused on Polish pharmacy and dermocosmetics brands like Pharmaceris, Tolpa or Green Pharmacy. She also got this gorgeous red gel eyeliner from Inglot. Only she can sport a red liner in such a classy way!
Then we headed on to Hebe, which is this curious drugstore that belongs to the same owner as a chain of discount food shops Biedronka, yet targets a different kind of customer by offering Sephora style in a highstreet shop. But the most interesting thing about this drugstore is that they sell Korean cosmetics. I thought it was mostly Purederm sheet and hand/foot masks, but as we rambled through the shelves we discovered  a whole bunch of creams and serums and other stuff by brands we'd never heard before and which were quite pricey.
It was nice to hear Moi's good opinion about us, Poles. I'm sure she hadn't thought of us as savages even for a second, she's too unprejudiced to do that, but I was pleased to notice her genuine surprise at how luxurious our drugstores and shopping malls looked like. She also liked the packaging of Polish face and body products, which appeared to be more imaginative and cute than its German simple and practical counterpart.
Last Wednesday afternoon was a great pleasure for me, especially that, apart from the obvious things like Asian cosmetics and make-up, we seem to share the taste for art and film. One afternoon wasn't enough to talk about all that excites and inspires us, but one thing we managed to esteblish for sure Tim Burton's Big Fish is one of the best films ever.
If you want to read more about our meeting, this time from Moi's point of view, and learn in detail what she got in Polish drugstores, click here.


  1. Oh no I thought you had raspberry chocolate desert :O I am such a fool :)

    This is so sweet! I was grinning the whole time reading this. I which we would have had more time. It was indeed a lot of fun! I guess next time I show you Berlin ;)

    1. Who knows, maybe we'll have the chance to meet there! We're seriously considering going there with friends next summer!