Thursday, 25 September 2014

Aussie Miracle Recharge Colour and Frizz Remedy lightweight conditioning sprays review

I've been wondering whether to review the two Aussie leave-on conditioners that I've got simply because I don't have much to say about them, but perhaps this is exactly what constitutes the review!
I got the Miracle Recharge Colour in a Glossybox and Frizz Remedy was my own fancy. 

I actually think these two are quire similar and I didn't need to buy them both, even though the instructions are a bit different the main ingredient is still the same. 
Miracle Recharge Colour is obviously meant to protect hair colour, though, as far as I have gathered from the label, this revives fading hair colour by giving it extra boost with the use of Australian wild cherry bark extract and shine and manageability due to panthenol content.

Frizz-control promises to calm unruly hair and combat flyaways with panthenol (again) and jojoba sed oil.

Both can be used both on wet and dry hair.

Now, on to my observations. While they do work as far as adding some shine to my hair is concerned, I wouldn't trust them as detanglers used instead of a wash-off conditioner. 
Although the Colour one does add shine to my hair without weighing it down too much, it doesn't make my hair colour last longer. 
The Frizz Remedy does help somewhat, but it can make my hair go flat if I use too much over dry hair or it simply is not powerful enough to make my hair lie down on my head in the wind.

What I don't like about these two is that the pump is rather hard to press. It takes some effort and I usually hold the bottle in one hand and press with the thumb (being the strongest finger) of another.

They both smell the same, the perfume is nice and subtle. It doesn't stay on for a long time.  

Alcohol is the second and the third ingredient in these two products, which doesn't bother me at all, but I know some of you might be interested.

Summarising, there's nothing patricular that I hold against these products, I use them on daily basis, but there's also nothing lifechanging enough about them to make me buy them again.

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