Sunday, 14 September 2014

Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Cleanser review

When doing some online shopping I was able to pick some freebies and one of them was Murad Essential-C Cleanser. I'd heard a lot about the brand, but never had any chance to try anything out, so I jumped at the opportunity.
After consulting the manufacturer's website I discovered that there isn't much to say about this product. This 'environmental shield' is supposed to neutralize environmental aggressors, remove impurituies and restore moisture.
The product contains vitamins A, C and E (powerful antioxidants), sodium PCA to bind moisture to the skin and allantoin (to soothe and moisturise). 

So much for what the manufacturer has to say, now on to what I feel about this product.
This cleanser is a clear gel with orange beads suspended in it. There's no info what these beads contain and what they're supposed to do, probably they are meant to visualise the content of vitamin C. They are soft and melt when massaging the face, they definitely aren't supposed to exfoliate. 
When massaged, the cleanser produces moderate and quite runny foam. Being used to Korean rich foams I tended to use a lot of this product to achieve similar results.
The product washes off easily and leaves my skin cleansed, but not stripped of moisture, however, it doesn't feel particularly moisturised or nourished either. My skin feels comfortable with this, I expect my cleansers to remove impurities, not to serve as part of my skincare regimen (I prefer to trust my essences and creams in this respect), but if my skin were more on the dry side, I wouldn't be able to rely on this to bind moisture to the skin. 
As far as the 'environmental shield' is concerned, I believe this product stays on the face for such a short moment that it's impossible for it to have any realistic influence on skin condition. and I didn't notice any.

The product has hardly any smell, but don't be mislead by this. Perfume figures on the list of ingredients and is most probably used to neutralize the odours of other chemicals. There's this very faint orange blossom scent to it!

So to sum up, I like the fact that this cleansed my skin without stripping it of moisture, but, to be honest, I expected something more. I don't think it's worth its $36/ £34 price tag. 

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