Monday, 8 September 2014

Korean goodies: Memebox Special #30 Tea Cosmetics unboxing

 I do strongly believe in health and beauty benefits contained in different kinds of tea, so when I saw a box devoted to tea-based cosmetics I knew I had to have it! 
Upon opening my Memebox Special #30 Tea Cosmetics seemed kind of empty, but it actually contains 4 full size products and a lovely tin with a bunch of deluxe samples, which isn't bad, considering this is a Memebox Special, not a Superbox that I usually choose. I'd like to say that I'm excited about every single item in the box and I find all of them useful, fun, beautifully packaged and trustworthy.

So, let's peek inside the box:

Thing number one was the most exotic ever as it contained no word in any western language apart from the name of the brand. According to the leaflet this is e choice Fermented Tea Skin Drinks Sleeping Pack. This is supposed to be dirt cheap and retails for $2 only for a 70g tube. This is infused with jasmine, rose, chamomile, green and white tea extracts and promises to nourish, moisturise and soothe skin overnight. 

a;t fox Tea Toc Water Clear Tablet is definitely a gimmick, but I seem to have a particular fondness for the brand so I'm trying this out the first thing tomorrow morning. Seems fun to me! 
This looks like a pyramid tea bag, but it actually contains a tablet which, once melted in warm water, changes its ph to 4.9. Pat the liquid onto your face and let absorb green tea extracts to detox and soothe your skin.
It doesn't say how much water I need nor if this can be used for a couple of times or if this has to be disposed of instantly. 

 And another a;t fox goodie, this time it's the Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water is a face mist made from mineral water and tangerine peel tea. Hmmmm, not exactly my understanding of the word 'tea'. I love the brand anyway and I've got a gel-cream from the same line, so I suppose these two will make a lovely combo! 

The Skin House Lavender Lightening Emulsion is another interesting take at the tea theme of the box. I understand tea as tea. Everything else is an infusion. However, the packaging is gorgeous and I have high hopes for this product. This emulsion smooths out roughened skin, delivers nutrition and moisture and brightens up the skin tone.

And the last product is a tin containing 5 A·True deluxe samples and 2 sachets of black tea (which was jasmine tea in my opinion). When I saw the tin I was superexcited as I've seen it in some early box I didn't get and I really loved the tin, but I felt a bit disappoinetd that Memebox included exactly the same product for the second time. However, having compared the contents of the tin with other bloggers' unboxings from a couple months ago I discovered that my red tin is actually different. 

So the products are:
1. Sweet Song Black Tea One-Step Cleansing Water contains black tea, verbena leaves and orange blossoms. I gather it's a kind of micellar water to remove make up.
2. Vanilla Black Tea Day Relief Body Wash . Requires no comment, I suppose.
3. Himalaya Black Tea Watery Gel Cream is recommended for dry and sun-damaged skin. I have neither, but Il'' try this out anyway.
4. White Snow Tea Brilliant Essence is supposed to suppress formation of blemishes and freckles. I like my freckles, hmmm. 
5. Black Tea All Day Long Sun Cream SPF50+++ is a mix of black tea, orange peels and cinnamon. Promises to protect the skin while keeping the right moisture level. Is it going to suit my needs, I wonder.


  1. I would love to hear how the sleeping pack performs and the a;t fox mist looks delightful!

    1. Will try this out asap! And I'll start using the mist as soon as I've used up the TCFS I got from you (I'm loving that one by the way)

  2. I love the A-True Cleansing Water and the White Snow Essence smells so good and that small bottle is worth a ridiculous $25! I also drank my tea already :D I loved this box so much. If they do another tea box, I'll have to get that one, too.

    1. Exactly! This box was lovely and I really wouldn't mind getting some more red tins as long as they're packed with some new goodies each time!