Saturday, 20 September 2014

Korean goodies: Makeup Helper Special Pore Care 2 Step review

Makeup Helper Special Pore Care 2 Step was the most intriguing product I found in my Memebox Special #19 Cleansing Kit.

The box contained 2 rows of blister-packaged face masks that were supposed to be used in a 2-step sequence to open up pores and remove impurities and then tighten them up. 

The first step is the steam pack that rises the skin temperature by 10 degrees, which is meant to open pores and cleanse them. You need to rinse that after 1 minute and then apply the second, lifting pack and leave it on for 10 minutes to soothe and tighten the pores. Both packs contain green tea extracts and honey to offer gentle nourishment to the skin. 

The steam pack is green and slightly grainy, comes out of its tube slightly separated, and has hardly any scent at all. It feels warm on the face when you massage it, but it's nothing like an unpleasant, burning experience. This washes off quite easily, while exfoliating the skin gently. 

The lifting pack contains substance that looks like cream but turns into clear gel consistency when applied.
This feels and dries on the skin the same way as peel off masks do.
As this dries it makes skin feel tight. First time I wore it for more than 10 min and it was a horrible  experience as if my skin was shrinkling and it actually started to shrivel. Dried out it actually quite hard to remove. 
Next time, I watched the clock so as not to do that again, but you actually know when you're supposed to rinse as your skin starts feeling uncomfortable.

As far as the results are concerned, after three 'special pore' sessions my pores looked tighter, but the result wasn't very long-lasting. My skin felt cleansed and soft and mattified and sebum-free for longer. 

Overall, I think this is an interesting concept, but I like mud.clay masks much more. I would buy such product myself if they kept the steam pack and swapped the lifting on e for a decent mud mask.

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