Saturday, 13 September 2014

Korean goodies: Memebox Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics unboxing

The idea of a Memebox devoted to earth and sea products immediately appealed to my taste. I suspected it was hardly possible for the box to contain any make up. In my mind I pictured Dead Sea salts, mud masks, algae masks, face and body scrubs containing sand, salt spray for hair etc. 
Memebox, as usual, managed to trick me! I might be wrong, but there's nothing related to sea in any way. To water - yes, but to any of the seas - no. And they managed to sneak a piece of make-up into the box!

Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturising Refreshing Mist contains water from Belgium that is rich in minerals and amino acids. The mist is to be used straight after cleansing, before other skincare. I like face mists, so thumbs up!

Elizavecca elastic Pore Mask Cleansing Foam is the gimmicky ridiculous product that will be a great fun to use, no matter what! Can you believe this stuff contains collagen from pig skin and spider extracts LOL!  There's charcoal there as well, to keep up with the theme of the box! This is a mask and a cleanser in one that promises to tackle the problems of pores, blackheads and impurities. The application method seems ridiculous, you are supposed to apply it over dry face,  wet it with water and massage for 3-5 minutes. 3-5 minutes!!!

A Memebox wouldn't be a Memebox without a sheet mask.  Shara Shara Black Charcoal Mask Purifying seems quite unique to me. This mask contains charcoal and volcanic ash to unclof the pores and remove impurities and looks like it's black!

Secret Nature Volcanic Ash Pore Pack is the item that is the closest one to my predictions. This contains Jeju complex, volcanic ash, charcoal, green tea, pine needle extracts. This is supposed to control sebum and tighten pores.  

Tosowoong Super Aqua Cooling Gel contains glacier water and some sea minerals which help overheated  or irritated skin to cool down. They also help strengthen and moisturise the skin.  Perhaps this should have been included in some early summer box. I think this gel will remain on my shelf until next June. 

And finally, the only make-up item in this box, Dewytree Mineral Healthy Sun Cut Loose Powder SPF 36 PA++. This comes in a jar with a puff applicator that sends clouds of powder in all directions. The product not only contains beneficial minerals, but also promises to maintain the right moisture level, and offers silky finish.

  Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.


  1. Eeee!! I can't wait til mine comes. I'm super excited to try the mist and the volcanic ash pack. And I might have to put the black charcoal mask on the second I open the box :)

    1. It looks interesting, doesn't it! Mine's waiting its turn!

  2. I love the little spider and pig packaging :)