Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Korean goodies: Superbox #50 Anti-Aging unboxing

Anti-Ageing 2 was one of my first boxes ever and one of my favourite at the same time so I'll always return for more as I feel these boxes are wonderfully suited to my personal needs. 
Memebox Superbox #50 Anti-Ageing 3 has just arrived and I'm almost as happy as I was the first time. I only wish they included another eye serum as mine seems to be running low.
This box contains 6 full sized products.

Pro You  is a brand I got familiar with thanks to some earlier Memeboxes. Their S Wrinkle SC Renewal Cream complements the serum I received a couple of weeks ago. This product is supposed to be extremely expensive as according to the leaflet it retails for $96. The info card focuses more on what this doesn't contain (all the cosmetic villains are not to be found here) more than on what it actually does and what its active ingredients are. It obviously stimulates regeneration and enhances elasticity and firmness.  

Pro You Multi White & Wrinkle Ampoule Dual Set is a very interesting product. 4-day therapy, consisting of 8 ampoules to be used morning and night will cost you $48. Ampoules target different skin needs throughout the day, they help control sebum production and make pores appear smaller in the morning and enhance skin elasticity at night.  

These are to be applied generously to the face and patted for full absorbance. I wonder if it's possible to achieve life-changing results during a 4-day treatment. 

And one more Pro You product. This time it's their Lip & Eye Wrinkle Spot Cream which firms up sagging skin ariound eyes and lips by offering the right moisture/oil balance.

A Memebox is never complete without sheet masks and BB creams. In this one we find 3 Simply When Present Perfect Masks for dry skin and

Tosowoong Super BB Cream, which is quite unusual as for an Asian BB cream as it contains SPF15 only.

And the final one is Seatree Tibet Mushroom Neck Cream isn't something I'd normally buy, I trust my face creams enough to take care of my neck area, but since I have the opportunity to use a separate product there, I will!


  1. Ooo! Do you remember which box your ProYou serum came in? And I do agree with you, I was surprised to see the BB cream was only SPF15, too.

    1. My miststake! That was not a serum but an ampoule and this came in the Daily Dose of Beauty box.