Friday, 12 September 2014

Korean Goodies: Memebox Special #28 All About Eyes unboxed ans reviewed

I ordered Memebox Special #28 All About Eyes because it tempted me not only with mascaras, eyeshadows and liners, but also skincare. Although there's no denying that the liners, eyeshadows and mascaras dominated the box, I did find two interesting skincare items to try. All items are full size and up my alley, but practicality definitely takes over the fun  factor, which is a bit of a shame.

Sally's BoxFriendly Collagen Eye Patch is promising but I don't really like the hydro-gel patches.

Secret Stargirl S-style 2 set of very subtle and totally wearable false lashes. And they come with their own glue!

I've already received a Cheek Room Eye Shadow in one of my boxes, but this shade (#10Violet) suits my taste much more. However, I haven't changed my mind about the low drugstore quality of these products. 

Yni Picture-Esque 3 Dots Eyeliner is an exciting find! Clarins has such liner in their offer and some other brands as well and I wanted to try one of these out to see if they're any good. So now I have and I must admit I'm quite impressed. 

Cheek Room Curl&Volume Mascara is the second mascara by the brand I found in my boxes, but the previous one was a length and curl one. It says on the information card that it's waterproof, but I found no mention of that on the packaging.

Karadium Line  Hero Auto Gel Liner Pencil is a very decent black eyeliner with gold micro shimmer. Shade 01, which I got, is not mentioned on the info sheet. The pencil glides on smoothly, and once it sets it doesn't budge!

MDaida Wonder Eye Volume Filler is a kind of serum that comes in a pen form, with a soft doe foot applicator. It's supposed to brighten the eye area and treat fine lines and wrinkles. I found it highly exciting, so I started using this straightaway but so far haven't noticed any results.

And finally, MDaida Wonder Pen Concealer SPF45 is a very elegant concealer pen with a brush applicator and what I really really like about it is that it has an SPF!! I'm saving this for my next holiday!

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