Friday, 19 September 2014


I've just started a new blog, entirely devoted to decorative arts and crafts of my making, and turning a brand new empty house into livable space of my own.
Mr Hubby and I are people who know what they want and hiring an interior designer to tell us how we should live and what would suit us best would be an insult for us. While Mr Hubby undertook to design and build the house, I'm in charge of the interior.
I'm starting from very small works, but one day you'll see me transform the bland and devoid of character IKEA furniture into something other.

Feel invited to take a peep and say what you think.
I'll be posting links to my new posts here, but if you're interested, feel invited to join HOW TO CLUTTER YOUR SPACE!


  1. Awesome! I am looking forward to reading it :)

    1. Slowly, steadily I will achieve perfection in my home decor!